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Date 2020-02-15

The Department of Diplomacy was established in 1930 at Hongzhilang, Nanjing(南京,紅紙廊) under the ruling party Kuomintang's Central Political School. The Central Political School and the Central Cadre School were then integrated into the National Chengchi University (NCCU) in 1946. Between 1949 and 1954, the operation of the NCCU was temporarily halted due to the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party, followed by the retreat of the Republic of China (ROC) central government from Mainland China to the Island of Taiwan. In 1954, the Graduate Institute of International Relations, whose name was changed to the Graduate Institute of International Law and Diplomacy in 1955, was among the first four graduate programs re-established at the NCCU. The department was one of the few departments that were restored to cultivate future talents in 1955. 
Nowadays the department is still the only academic institution in Taiwan, Republic of China, which is named diplomacy and aimed to cultivate scholars and practitioners of international relations and foreign affairs.
        The Graduate Institute of International Law and Diplomacy was incorporated into the department as the M.A. program in 1995. The M.A. program is aimed at strengthening students’ basic capability of international relations and strategic studies for the need of further academic research.
        The Ph.D. program and the M.A. Program in Strategic and International Affairs were launched in 2000. The College of International Affairs, with which the department is affiliated, is planning to set up some graduate institutes focusing on area studies of North America, the Middle East, Latin America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, as well as South Asia.
        Former directors of the Graduate Institute of Diplomacy were Professors Shu-chin Tsuei, Ta-chi Chen, Tien-fang Cheng , Chin-ting Shen , Kuang-yun Tu, Chien-min Chu, Nai-wei Chang, Rolet C. S. Chen, King-yuh Chang, Jen-chien Wang , Feng-tai Yang, Yu-ming Shaw, and Bih-jaw Lin.
        The first department chairperson was Professor Mo Hsu, Judge of the International Court of Justice. His successors include Professors Long Liang, Shih-fu Chen, Tung-hai Lin, Pei-chi Miao, Chi-tai Lee, Jeanne Tchong-koei Li, Chien-min Chu, Rolet C. S. Chen, King-yuh Chang, Wei-cheng Lee, John K. T. Chao, David S. Chou, Deng-ker Lee, Chung-chian Teng, Ming Lee, Alex Chiang, Roberto R. R. Chyou, To-Hai Liou,  Hong-yi Lien and Yeh-Chung Lu. The current chairperson is Professor Chong-Han Wu.

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