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Admission for International Students

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Date 2021-02-18

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Office of International Cooperation(國合處)

111學年度申請入學行事曆 Application Timetable Spring/Fall 2021 

  • 招生名額 Admission Quota:
    -正式生 Degree Student: 5
    -選讀生 Non-Degree Student: 5
  • 審查方式 Admission Criteria:
    資料審查 Review of Application Materials
    *視需要舉行口試 Oral Interview might be required.
  • 備註 & 應另繳交資料 Remarks:
    1. 應另繳交資料 Additional Application Materials:
    a. 中文自傳(親筆撰寫)。Chinese Autobiography in applicant’s handwriting.
    b. 英文自傳(打字)。English Autobiography by typewriting.
    c. 其他有利審查資料,例如: 中文能力證明或英語能力證明(母語非英語之申請者)等。
    Additional Application Materials in the applicant’s favor: Proof of Chinese Language proficiency or Proof of English proficiency (applicants from non-English-speaking countries).
    2. 口試 Oral Interview *(得採視訊口試)(Online Interview may apply)
    Applicants who are qualified will be informed of the date and place of the oral interview through email. (Please make sure to provide your most updated contact information during application.) Applicants might attend an online interview with written permission from the department.
  • 中文能力檢定標準 Chinese Language Requirements:
    依本校「外國學生入學招生規定」第四條規定,學生畢業前須通過「華語文能力測驗」基礎級檢定(關於該測驗,請參閱第 8 頁)或自費修習本校華語特別班四學期(每學期一門)且及格。
    According to the “NCCU Admission Guidelines for International Students”, students are required to pass the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) at Level 2 before graduation or take and pass four semesters of NCCU Mandarin Special Course (one course per semester) at their own expense before graduation. (Please refer to p.8 for more information about the aforementioned test)


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