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Date 2023-08-01

The Department of Diplomacy was established in 1930 in Nanjing, then the capital of China. As one of the departments founded in the early years of the Central Political School, the Department of Diplomacy was tasked to nurture diplomats and professionals for the Central Government under the rule of Kuomintang (KMT). The graduates from this department over more than 90 years have devoted themselves to be career diplomats as well as political, business and academic elites. In recent years, along with the change in job markets, many graduates have chosen a variety of career paths, including business management, press and media, public relations for business, show business, and IT industry.  


The Department offers undergraduate, graduate, PhD, and in-career MA programs, with an overarching focus on equipping our students with global mobility and international competitiveness. In response to the rapid changing world, we base our curriculum on international relations and related issues such as international security, power politics, climate change, global governance, and cross-cultural communications, to name a few.


In addition to studying global affairs, the Department puts a strong emphasis on understanding sub-regional affairs. This course is a rather comprehensive one in comparison to other programs in Taiwan. The course on area studies is composed of nine geographic areas for students to choose, including Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe, European Union, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, and Latin America. Students hence are encouraged to take the course on official languages of the specific region as a second foreign language, to better understand local cultural, political, and economic developments. The Department also invites professionals from various backgrounds outside the campus to speak on regular courses and special lectures and to share their experiences with our students.


In order to face rapid technological change, the Department of Diplomacy is also committed to promoting cross-disciplinary learning. Driven by artificial intelligence, social media, and information technology, how to use existing resources to conduct dialogues and exchanges in international relations is our duty. The scientific study with data analysis is also one of the teaching methods actively promoted by the Department. The faculties expect to bring different learning experiences to students interested in related fields.


We sincerely welcome applications from those who are interested in international affairs. If you want to serve in this professional field, our Department will quip you with what it requires. Let us help you achieve your goals!


Chong-han Wu

Professor and Chair


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