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Double Major

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Date 2020-02-15

Quota:according to each year notice

Eligibility and Requirement:

(1)Qualified candidates should at least achieve 80 in Moral Conduct Assessment and 75 or above for average academic performance of previous semesters.

(2)The total academic score of the previous semester is within 50% of the number of students in the same department.

(3)Please attatch a motivation statement(written preferably in Chinese,A4) by typewriting in 600 words. Oral Interview might be required.

 Application Materials:

(1)  One Application Form

(2)  One Full Academic Transcript

(3)  One Official transcript with class ranking

(4)  One Motivation Statement(written preferably in Chinese) by typewriting in 600 words and a personal photo.

*Application document should be required with student ID, grade and name.
Minimum Graduation Credit Requirement:128 (For more information please click here.)

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