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Date 2023-02-16

A.To complete our master's program, our conditions to graduate are as below: 


*Period of study for master's program:2-4 years〈2 years of interruption available are not included〉


1. Study 32 credits

2. Complete the qualifying exam

3. Complete proposal defense

4. Complete thesis defense


We do offer scholarship to international students (but not for overseas chinese student).

To get further information, please check this website:




B.  Compulsory Courses (2022 Fall/ Spring)

1. Cases of the International Court of Justice (3 Credits)

2. Seminar on International Relations             (3 Credits) 

3. Research Methods                                        (3 Credits)

4. Seminar on International Organizations / Political Economy / Area Studies
(Partially Required, 3 Credits, It's mandatory to select at least one course from partially required courses mentioned above.)


* Students who have not taken '' International Law '' courses during undergraduate should take the course after enrolling into master's program.
(The credit taken from '' International law '' course won't be count into graduate credits.)

* The selected courses per semester should not exceed 14 credits in the first academic year.

* English capability certification examinees should access before operating thesis defense.

(1) TOFEL iBT: 79 points or above

(2) IELTS (Academic):6.5 or above

(3) TOEIC:over 800 points (included)

(4) Having studied English taught professional courses overseas for over 1 year (included) during period studying in master's program.



To get further information, the document is attached below.



C. Qualifying Exam 

Students are asked to complete this exam.

Students can only take the exam three times at most. Students fail for over three times, will be withdrawn or expelled from enrolled programs.

The exam will test ''International Relations'' and ''International Laws''.

* Examinees who hadn't selected the thesis topic and thesis advisor yet are not permitted to apply for qualifying exam.


To Get Further Information, please contact the office.



D. Confirmation of topic of thesis/ advisor

* Thesis topic and advisor should be selected and confirmed before the end of second registered semester.

* Thesis advisor should generally be full-time(or adjunct) professor, associate professor, or assistant professor of the Department of Diplomacy, NCCU.

* If any special circumstances do exist and thus having necessities to commission professors not affiliated to Department of Diplomacy to be thesis advisors, application concerning the circumstances should be put forward to Office of the Department of Diplomacy in advance.



E. Proposal / Thesis Defense

* Application for proposal of thesis could be put forward at any time during semester. (Fall Semester:8/1-1/31;Spring Semester:2/1-7/31)

* Proposal defense is available to be held after being public reviewing for two weeks.

* Master's program students are qualified for accepting thesis defense in the next semester after passing the proposal defense.

* The proposal defense and thesis defense have to be taken in different semesters.

To apply proposal / thesis defense, please contact the secretary of PhD & Master's program.

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