Academic Achievements

Journal Papers鄧中堅, 1984.01, 'Foreign Policy Behavior of the Republic of China in 1970s: A Cross-sectional Analysis, '.TENG, CHUNG-CHIAN
Journal Papers鄧中堅, 1984.01, 'Newly Industrializing Countries: Who They Are and What Driveng Them, '.TENG, CHUNG-CHIAN
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1984, 'Washington-Peking Relations, 1979-1983: The Arguments and Reality Reexamined, '.LIN, BI-JAW
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1982.11, '國際政治的資料使用問題, '.LIN, BI-JAW
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1982.02, 'Communist China''s Foreign Policy in Africa: A Historical Review, '.LIN, BI-JAW
Journal Papers鄧中堅, 1981.06, '美國與拉丁美洲民主發展, '.TENG, CHUNG-CHIAN
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1981.05, '如何研究外交政策制定, '.LIN, BI-JAW
Journal Papers李明, 1980.07, '南北韓之對立與和戰問題, ' 東亞季刊, Vol.12, No.1, pp.131-.LEE, MING
Journal Papers鄧中堅, 1980.05, '美國與巴拿馬及尼加拉瓜的政治發展, '.TENG, CHUNG-CHIAN
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1979.12, '多變的世局與成長的學科: 紀念國際政治學六十週年, '.LIN, BI-JAW
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