Academic Achievements

Journal Papers林碧炤, 1988.11, '經濟外交的理論與實際(下), '.LIN, BI-JAW
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1988.10, '經濟外交的理論與實際(上), '.LIN, BI-JAW
Book Edited李明, 1988.08, 'China’s Korean Policy Within the Framework of Anti-Hegemonism: 1969-1988, ' Woodrow Wilson Department.LEE, MING
Journal Papers鄧中堅, 1988.05, '從尼加拉瓜情勢看美國中美洲政策, '.TENG, CHUNG-CHIAN
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1988.01, '國際關係權力概念的解析, '.LIN, BI-JAW
Journal Papers劉德海, 1987.09, 'Korean Unification: A Selected Bibliography, '.LIOU, TO-HAI
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1986.10, '國際體系與國際政治, '.LIN, BI-JAW
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1986.02, 'Peking''s Ideology and Policies in Southern Africa, '.LIN, BI-JAW
Journal Papers鄧中堅, 1986.01, 'Economic Development and State Intervention in the Newly Industrializing Countries: a Comparative Study between Taiwan and Mexico, '.TENG, CHUNG-CHIAN
Journal Papers林碧炤, 1986, 'The Washington-Moscow-Peking Triangle: An Analysis, '.LIN, BI-JAW
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