Academic Achievements

Journal Papers李明, 1993.12, '柯林頓總統亞太政策之展望, ' 美國月刊, Vol.8, No.12, pp.頁23-36.LEE, MING
Journal Papers鄧中堅, 1993.12, 'Interaction Between Taipei and Beijing To-ward China''s Reunification: A Regime Change Perspective, '.TENG, CHUNG-CHIAN
Journal Papers陳純一, 1993.12, '「論國家豁免原則」, ' 問題與研究, Vol.33, No.12, pp.77-92.CHEN, CHUN-I
Journal Papers陳純一, 1993.12, '「米倫工業公司控告北美事務協調委員會案之分析」, ' 美國月刊, Vol.8, No.12, pp.130-140.CHEN, CHUN-I
Journal Papers李明, 1993.11, '如何加強中韓兩國之文化學術交流, ' 韓國學報, No.12, pp.頁189-192.LEE, MING
Journal Papers劉德海, 1993.11, '中共對北韓政策之變遷:從戰略合作到政治支持, '.LIOU, TO-HAI
Journal Papers劉德海, 1993.10, '一九八九年以來的東北亞新情勢, ' 國際關學報, No.7, pp.93-106.LIOU, TO-HAI
Research Report鄧中堅, 1993.10, '中國大陸國際關係學, '.TENG, CHUNG-CHIAN
Book Chapters李明, 1993.08, 'The Unification Policies of the Two Koreas: Evolution and Prospect, ' Institute of International Relations.LEE, MING
Journal Papers李明, 1993.07, 'North-South Korean Diplomatic Warfare: A Struggle for Survival, ' Pacific Focus: Inha Journal of International Studies, pp.81-102.LEE, MING
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