Ph. D. Program Curriculum
TitleAcademic Regulation for Ph. D Students ( Including Qualifications Exam)

A.  Compulsory Courses 

1. International Relations Theory (I)       (2 Credits)
2. International Relations Theory (II)      (2 Credits)

Other regulation

1.Some students might be asked to take some master courses to
   strengthen academic knowledge.

2.PhD students Should choose 2 sub-majors from the following 3:
   2.1 International Security                                              (9 Credits)
   2.2 Internatinal Laws and International Organizations     (9 Credits) 
   2.3 International Politics and Economics                        (9 Credits)

To know courses sorting, please see the attachment of

For further information or questions, please
contact here.

B. Ph. D Qualifying Exam


1. Study over 3 semesters.
2. Study more than 24 credits.

When to apply qualified Exam?
The office will announce at the beginning of every semester, please watch out for your nccu mailbox.  

About the Exam:

1. The Exam will take by hand writing, two exams.
2. One is for International Relations Theory and the other one is for sub-major.
    Each one will take 3 hours and 30 minutes.
3. Students cannot cancel the Exam within 30 days before the Exam day.
    For particular reason, students needs to write a report to the director of
    the department to cancel the Exam.
    Student needs to get the agreement from the director to cancel the Exam.

C. Proposal  / Thesis(dissertation) Defense

Please see our
academic regulation for PhD students.

Article 12 for proposal defense.
Article 13 for thesis defense.

To apply proposal / thesis defense, please
contact the secretary of PhD & Master program.

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