Graduate Program Curriculum
TitleAcademic Regulation for Master Students ( Including Qualifications Exam)

A.To complete our master program, our conditions to graduate are as below:    


1. Study 32 credits

2. Complete the qualifiying exam

3. Complete proposal defense

4. Complete thesis defense


We do offer scholarship to international students (but not for overseas compatriot student).

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B.  Compulsory Courses

1. Cases of the International Court of Justice (3 Credits)
2. Seminar on International Relations              (3 Credits)
Seminar on International Organizations / International Political Economy / Area Studies (Partially Required, 3 Credits)

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C. Qualifying Exam 

Students are asked to complete this exam before the fourth semester ends ( the second year of master program).

The exam will test International Relations and International Laws.
To Get Further Information, please contact the office.


D. Proposal / Thesis Defense

The proposal defense and thesis defense have to be taken in different semesters.

To apply proposal / thesis defense, please
contact the secretary of PhD & Master program.



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