• Title:Ukraine’s New Political Cycle: Challenges for the Euro-Atlantic Choice
  • Post date:2019-03-18
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 Professor Igor Piliaiev's speech “Ukraine’s New Political Cycle: Challenges for the Euro-Atlantic Choice”

Ukraine plays an important role in connecting Eastern Europe and Western countries. The political trends of Ukraine have always been an important key to the stability of Central Europe and Eastern Europe. As Ukraine crisis goes on, facing with the challenge between Russia and European Union, security issues are particularly critical to Ukraine. For this reason, how should Ukraine deal with this new era of security challenge?  

Department of Diplomacy has this honor to invite professor Igor Piliaiev to share his incisive opinions and research on March 26th, focusing on international politics and security issues of Ukraine. Any interested students and teachers are welcomed to join us!

Professor Igor Piliaiev from the Kyiv University of Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is currently a visiting scholar from Taiwan Fellowship Program. His research concentrates on “The Ukraine Crisis in the Northeast-Asian Comparative Perspective”, starting from January to April in Graduate Institute of Russian Studies.

Date: March 26th 2019

Time: 10:10~12:00

Venue: Room 270103

            1st floor, North Wing of General Building 

Hosted by Department of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University


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